Microsoft® PowerPoint 2013

Price: $299.00

The Microsoft Office suite of applications is one of the most widely used pieces of software in the world. Whether used for professional, academic or home purposes, every entity utilizes some part of the Microsoft Office suite, whether for Apple or PC. Microsoft PowerPoint offers the capability to create professional presentations and slideshows for any project that will effectively convey your thoughts through a variety of methods including graphics, charts, animations, Smart Art and other techniques. PowerPoint is used in both academic and professional settings regularly and anyone can benefit from basic skill development for this program. Students will learn how to identify on-screen features, create and edit slides, format multiple slides at once, and use various visual enhancements like Clip Art, Word Art and other objects that make for eye-catching and attention-grabbing presentations. Students will also learn how to navigate through a completed presentation, add notes to slides, and print handouts to accompany presentations. Finally, this course will ensure students understand how the PowerPoint program interacts with the other Microsoft Office applications.

The MS PowerPoint course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Understand presentations and considering your audience
  • Create, save, close and open presentations
  • Work in different views
  • Navigating through your presentation
  • Editing
  • Bullets
  • Formatting text; alignment, spacing, text enhancements
  • Formatting slides for eye-catching presentations
  • Add photos, clip art, word art, auto shapes
  • Tables, charts and diagram layouts
  • Add slide transitions
  • Add and modify animation and sounds
  • Create and apply design templates
  • Slide Master
  • Printing
  • Slideshows
  • Notes and audience handouts