Microsoft® Outlook 2013

Price: $299.00

Microsoft Outlook allows users to easily work through their day. Students will learn to create and respond to email, add multiple recipients and format emails. Additionally, students will learn how to maintain calendars, and schedule meetings. Students will also learn how to create tasks and to do lists, checking off these items as they’re completed. Overall, Microsoft Outlook allows students to organize their day, keep track of their appointments and communicate effectively with other coworkers and contacts in one organized and powerful interface. Finally, this course will ensure students understand how the Outlook interface interacts with the other Microsoft Office applications.

The MS Outlook course will address the following primary course objectives:

  • Creating and sending and receiving emails
  • Setting up one or multiple email accounts
  • Managing your calendar
  • Creating events and inviting attendees to calendar events; Using multiple user calendars
  • Creating & managing tasks
  • Creating and managing contacts
  • Importing & Exporting Contacts
  • Mass Emails
  • Using Outlook for Business
  • Using Outlook to Manage your Day